Need help from the DSM pros

see if the intake pipe from the mass airflow sensor to the turbo didnt come off or something silly like that… sounds similar to having an i/c pipe pop off.

I don’t know much about anything previous to my brother getting it. The maf was on the list of things to check. I believe he did plugs wires, etc but I’m not 100% sure. There is a vac leak that he fixed before he went back to school but we don’t think that was it. From what I’ve heard (I have not seen the car run yet) it idles fine but just doesn’t like to rev up at all. Supposedly he has sea-foamed and changed the gas, but I dont know if he just sea-foamed the gas or if he ran it through the throttle body / engine. He says it is throwing codes but I hae no idea what codes they are.

I didn’t even think of that… even though I had that exact thing happen to me when I had my 87 RX7. Stalled right out on the bridge from Troy into Watervliet and had no power breaks all the way down the bridge.

throwing codes??? wellllll i think you have a solid starting point if there are codes! just get a scanner from somebody and see what they are. im gonna say that its obd2 right?

from what I’ve heard they are random ass generic codes that could mean anything… lol. Again… I dont know much for sure though.

well you have to figure out what they are and post them. we might be able to hit the nail on the head just by seeing them. ya never know man

ya what this guy said , hit the nail on the head !

Ill give him $500 for it if he gets sick of fixing issues

Yea… once I get it over to my garage and get a chance to look things over I’ll be able to post up a little more. I mainly wanted to get a jumping off point to see if there were any “known” issues besides the obvious “its a dsm”. lol

well there is your first problem…its NOT a dsm.

sorry, its a dodge… just as bad. lol.

no, its a mitsu, just not made at the DSM plant

yea but its basically a dodge stealth… yes mitsubishi, but mostly the same. I did not know they weren’t made in the DSM plant though…

Made in Japppppan.

You have a lot of good information. Obviously, check the codes and start checking the obvious like compression, fuel, etc.

Any progress yet? I have a 91 VR4 and have had Many problems, but it is a great car when running properly. Sounds like a boost leak. do you have a aftermarket boost gauge? stock one is useless. while driving, if it idles fine but when you give it more gas until the point when it starts to build boost pressure then it almost craps itself like it wants to die until you let off of it till it isnt building boost again. is all of the intercooler piping stock or any aftermarket? If you get sick or need different advise on it message me, or :wink: or if you wanna sell.

They aren’t. :slight_smile:

Plenty of starting points to work on. Fix the obvious issues first and move to the next. I can GUARANTEE boost leaks are all over the car but if it feels like it’s barely able to move, bigger issues besides leaks exist.

Also, you aren’t going to build boost pressue at idle regardless of how much gas you give it.

One last point… Fix ALL issues with this car or it will fuck your life up.


Was wondering how long it would take you to chime in.

I lurk sometimes. :tongue

There are a few theories on what a DSM is. The other was that it was an agreement between Chrysler Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors to produce and market the same vehicle under separate name plates. Starting with Mitsubishi Starion - Chrysler Conquest. Mitsubishi Eclipse - Eagle Talon - Plymouth Laser. Mitsubishi 3000GT - Dodge Stealth.

PM’d you Joe lol

yea, i have still been working on getting my garage set up so I have yet to touch this car. Its not my car , its my brother’s so its not a big deal if I get to it now or later.