New Car Show?

I was wondering if anyone knew the dates for the new car show at the convention center. I am going to get a new car soon here and am really stuck between a few cars and none of the dealers are in my area, so id like to go down there and check them all out at once. I know its this time of the year just not sure when. Thanks.

ya i’ld like to know too, i just like going down to see whats coming out

Feb 10-18

nice…thanks jeff :beer:

if you can go to detroit for the autoshow. that way you can see everything. it is only4-5 hours each way. been there several times. def worth the trip. i ithink it is going on this week???

they got hammed with an ice storm!

lol the concept Ford “Interceptor” :rofl:

thats gonna keep up with the New Viper, and new Vette??? :bowrofl:

Thanks Jeff! :beer: