new fiero for sale

Awww man… thats great!

why. lol.

Only an idiot.

I suspect Dannyboy will be in here soon to say how much he wants it.

Brand new and it still sucks

paging jayS.

get ur shit back on track. do work son.

Someone will buy it for $35k, but not me.


that thing isnt worth 5k

The GTs were the only Fieros worth owning. It’s not worth $35,000 :roflpicard:

Like 5 or 6K is fair.

They want $35k and yet they only post 3 pics:roflpicard:

It is a brand new car, what do you need pictures for?

its too small

When I saw the thread title I pretty much knew I’d be mentioned in here. :slight_smile:

I loved my old 86gt, but even if I was making 300k a year I wouldn’t pay 35k for a “new” 1988 Fiero.

Now if someone finds an 88gt with a blown motor, or trans, or some other mechanical problem causing it to be for sale for $1500 or less, drop me a PM.

Well at least a couple interior shots would be nice.

I agree with JayS, I would rather have a blown '88 GT to drop a v8 into.

That’s cool, but automatic? What a waste…

Wasn’t sure where to put this:
Chopped, V8-Powered 1984 Pontiac Fiero Up For Sale (


This is pretty sweet. Not sure how it performs but still sweet.

fun af to drive i bet