New Ford Bronco(s)

Well this is interesting. They’re going to make Bronco a sub-brand to compete with Jeep.

Buying a Bronco or a Bronco Sport Badlands will earn you instruction at one of the four “Off-Roadeo” off-road parks that Ford is building around the country.

Looks like one of there off-road spots will be nearby-ish:

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Guys, these things are pretty cool…

Personally I think they look 10x better than the Defenders. Just really hope the build quality is good on them. They had a lot of factory issues with the new Explorer’s. Hope they are being produced somewhere else.

Ford actually hit the mark on this comeback vehicle. Chevy shit the bed with the blazer.


Understatement and a half right here.

What the fuck is the blazer? What’s the point of it when the equinox exists? I don’t understand this



Raptor? Yes plz

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The Broncoraptor!

They should make a Jurassic Park version of it lol


Gotta LOL at this. Would have been marketing gold.

The Drive managed to track down Car Internet’s most famous missing person this week, and he provided proof that a Ford official did indeed contact him with an enticing offer to retrieve his Jeep—something Ford only admitted to us once we presented the evidence.

Title is clickbait. Loves the vehicle but Ford has completely screwed up the delivery.