New Guy, TurboDodgeDan


Dan here. I live near Syracuse, and am a big fan of turbo cars.

-89 Shelby CSXs #61 and #135 (VNT turbo/intercooled cars)
-90 Caravan, 2.5L turbo, 8 valve bathtub head, Garrett 60 trim/.60A/R compressor, std/.63A/R turbing, intercooled, 52pph injectors, etc etc etc.
-92 Spirit R/T, 2.2L 16V turbo w/Lotus head, intercooled, T3/T4 hybrid turbo (46 trim/.50A/R compressor, std/.63A/R turbine.
-96 Volvo 850R, 2.3L 5cyl/20V, 15T turbo, intercooled


This guy is the best, he has helped me 11tybillion times with my turbo dodge projects

welcome aboard… use imaging hosting to show these kiddies whats up… most probably don’t know what a csx is…

Welcome man!! Glad to have you here!

whoa, i just read a bunch of stuff on the CSXs just now (didn’t know what they were, haha :slight_smile: )

welcome, nice rides :tup:

dan got me into teh turblo dodges

now i want out


and congrats on your 3rd? right?

Thanks guys!

zwar, actually my 4th! On 6/16, child #4 arrived, little girl. 2 boys, 2 girls now. There will be no tie breaker!

The CSXs are fun …

My Spirit is probably my favorite car, I can’t wait to hit the track with it again. The last time out was just about 2 years ago with the Denton boys - ran a best of 13.6 at 13psi on the stock garrett 55 trim/.48 turbo. Didn’t even take the baby seat out!

With the hybrid on there and 20psi, I’m pretty sure it’s got a 12.99 in there. If not, I’ll have to turn off the air conditioner (yeah, I’m a wuss, I like A/C).

good to see you around

need any parts off my van before I junk it?

thanks for joining :tup:


hmmm, maybe … when are you crushing it?

Hey need a free cap and rotor before I throw them out

not really, but thanks…

DAN: crushing it in the next month… gimme a parts list