New guy

so anyways i was told about this site from brian(twizted).
and well here i am joining.
looking forward to reading the stuff in here!

I heard/saw your car was slow :lol:

just playing good seeing ya on here



looking forward to meeting some peeps and running more people!.
good times good times!.

whats up brotha

his kaa aint to bad. wait till new gears and exhaust back on :slight_smile:

i think i met you at brians friday night… anyways, welcome

yo! wassup! welcome =)

officerk where did you see me ride?

mini id have to run into you again to remember who you are.
i have a bad memory.

Welcome homie :slight_smile:

the OutLawZZZ are rejoining forces on nyspeed to defeat the forces of evil once again :tup:

(get mikes ass on here)

when we hung out like two days ago he said he was gonna. i donno why he isnt on yet.
ill mention somthing to him today.
oops. just checked out other new guys and he did join. he put pics of our rides on~