new membership crew

since we have the roll racing is gay members and the roll racing is cool members.

i want to start the …

Nobody races so :gives: member #001 here


you suck.

Roll racing rocks crew > roll racins sucks crew > * > chads gay club


chads gay > *

eat poo!

ill take spot number 2 :d ohh and :gives:

#3 up for grabs :smiley:

ur one of the ones who doesnt race pussy weve all been ina bunch of races !!! ohh yeah thats right i forgot you drive a 5.slow i wouldnt want to race either it would be more embarissing than when i race black z28 froma roll


if my car wasnt a ford and acctually worked. i would race

sure you wouldn’t

i think he did last year,so he says,i was close but didnt go watch! :stick:

lets all go start racing then…quit being a bunch of fucking pussies and lets set up a meet!

ok,wait till i get somthing together,or i’ll be starter!!! :beer:

Im down for whatever…its all in fun. People are bitching because no one wants to race. So lets go. :x:

ok,i get dadys blazer!!! :x:

he wont let you have it if you keep asking him for his autograph!!! :eek: