NEW: S13 Sway Bars

30mm Front Sway Bars
22mm Rear Sway Bars

Comes with bushings, endlinks are separate.

$125 Each
$240 Front and Rear

Add Endlinks
$65 each pair (front or rear)
$120 Front and Rear

Forged steel, powder coated grey.

I have a few coming in this weekend to test… first couple guys will get a couple bucks off if they pick up in hamilton.!B3u7fp!BGk~$(KGrHqV,!hEE)8CN2)D+BMnT5ubUO!~~_12.JPGD+BMnT5ubUO!~~_12.JPG)!B3u7gSQ!mk~$(KGrHqZ,!h0EycQkIBkTBMnT5)Eg5g~~_12.JPG

Will have these on Friday

any feedback on these?

i’ve sold several sets but only a couple locally.

i dont know what other brands are repainting these other colours but you can bet there are hundreds of guys out there running these in red, blue and other colours and who paid twice as much or more for them… :slight_smile:

buy them IMMEDIATELY!!!

update on these…

$220 for a pair now. got a price decrease…

unfortately endlinks are gonzo for good.