New Tech help email address at Hybrid Connection!

Having trouble with your car?

Need some advice on how to mod your car?

Want some prices on some go-fast parts for your car?

As Western New Yorks premier Import Performance shop we have decided
to create a “tech” help email address. Many times we get calls from customers
having problems with their car and cant properly help them due to communication or time constraints. Our new email address is targeted as a
service to you our valued customers. simply send an email to [email=“”] this allows us to give you a more accurate response to your questions, saving you time and getting you pwning mad headz quicker :slight_smile:

when sending and email be as descriptive as possible about the problems you are having, please include details suchs as year, make, model of vehicle as well as modifications both mechanical and electrical. this will make our job easier and cut down on email tag. (again , getting you on the road quicker)

We love you guys,

Lee,Don, Josh and Gary
Your Hybrid Boys :slight_smile:

Humm, when does the; or

wow you could come up with a bunch of them.

good deal nice thought.

Cool… I think this’ll be a help to business… one of the VW sites I go to has a tech help and the guy is quick as hell, and helpful, I use him all the time.

awesome idea…

I think this is a HUGE step in a great direction.

:tup: to Hybrid

Perhaps in the near future they’ll be working on my slow ass Cavalier :tspry:

Thank you Dan, I cant wait to see your race car in action. Should be a good time. :slight_smile: