New Vehicle Sales - Ford, Chrysler, Honda

Hey gents,

I’m now OMVIC Licensed and working on project management and wholesale for my cousin’s auto group; Peninsula Automotive Sales & Leasing. This is in addition to my role with various other companies ( Canadian Hail Repair & [B]AutoDentist[/B]) and the forums and the parts stuff… I am not sure yet what kind of OEM parts discounts i will be offering through the dealers but it WILL happen soon.

The group operates a number of new car dealerships in Ontario:

I have access to all new and used inventories for locates etc. Not sure how deep i will get into auction hunting.

You can check these links for access to inventories:

Starting slow but as i get the hang of things you can expect the usual hook-ups you would expect from me… if anyone you know is in the market for a new car or truck you now ‘know a guy’ :slight_smile:

And yes i will be working on those sites trying to make them better reflect the actual operations of the business group.