NEW Whirlpool Stainless Side-By-Side Fridge

So after a month and a half saga to get my new appliances, I did, and sure enough, the dimensions on are a little off. This thing is 1/4" too wide for the space it needs to go into and no matter what we try we can’t shoehorn it in there. Sucks because it’s an awesome fridge. Best Buy offered to take it back, but will only refund what the official price I paid was, instead of doing an exchange. Unfortunately that was on Black Friday as part of a heavily discounted 6-appliance set, and only covers a little more than half of what I need to get the next size smaller.

Anyway, with tax this would be $1150. I will sell for $850.

my father-in-law did the EXACT same thing 2 years ago from Lowes for the same stainless appliances. he moved what he had to in order to fit the bastard in there…

This is the exact reason why I built my kitchen around my fridge. Its a nice fridge though you should have no problem selling it, try craigslist. Or maybe josh (lafengas) could sell it on consignment for you?

Yeah will definitely be going up on craigslist as soon as I get home. (Blocked at work) Only problem I can see is people usually go there for cheap shit, but maybe some non-poors will be looking.

nice fridge.

I’ve got a feeling this is no longer for sale. I’ll wait for the OP to confirm.

Before I renovated my kitchen I had the same problem. The countertop went 1/4 inch past the cabinet and I couldn’t get the bitch to fit. Since we were renovating soon, I took a sawzall to the countertop lol.

Anyways, GLWS or getting it to fit.

I decided I liked the fridge better than the ugly wall tile so I took a BFH to it until it fit. Man that job was a pain in the ass.