Nintendo 64 +Games+Controllers

Hi, for some reason i have a itch to Buy Nintendo 64 along with Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, there are other games i can think of. Interested in 2 controllers maybe more depends if available.

PM me details if you have these items for sale.

i was at the mckinley mall about a week ago and that used video game store near the new book store had one for sale.

thx, ill check it out, but figured i would check here first

i dont have a super mario… lost it or golden eye. but do have a bunch others, id have to pull it out of my closet… 4 controllers… san fran rush, wwf war zone, baseball, football, diddy kong racing just to name a few off the top of my head. let me know how much you willing to spend… i have no clue what to sell this for

I have 2 controllers, rumble pack
and the following games:

1080 snowboarding
Blast Corps
NHL 99
Madden 64
Wayne Getzkey 3d hockey
Nascar 99
Crusin USA
Mario Party 2
NFL blitz 2000
Nascar 2000
South Park
Automotive Lamborghini

I have a brand new n64, i maybe used it a couple times along with super mario… you know where i live and my number!

Check out Oogie Games on Sheridan has a ton of games, consoles, controllers, tell him Collyn sent ya over.

I’ll buy that Nascar 2000…

how much for it all?

I also have an N64 that sitting in the basement collecting dust.

what else is with it?

Buy a modded old school xbox with software emulators on it. I have one with ALL N64 games, all sega games, all nintendo games, all atari games etc… 200gb hard drive is loaded with essentially all the old games and 70 xbox games as well.

I got Starfox 64 if you want it