Off to Vegas!

Well… Jay and I are flying out today after work… Whitey will be coming in later this week. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

SEMA Pics to follow!

Have fun in PA bitches! :finger:

Buccis + Scores + :beer: = FTMFW


Its ok buddy… I understand…

Blah, i could be there, just no mooo la :down:

Yeah I actually didnt have much money at all to take to gamble until I went to Wheeling last weekend and hit it pretty big on the poker table, hopefully the luck continues to Vegas!

sweet have fun

my boyfriend is down there working…check out the Air Zenith Booth. Have a safe trip!

I will be staying in the Flamingo… I can’t wait!

I was suppose to stay there, but we couldnt get a room. Were staying at Excalaber which sucks imo… but im never in my room anyways. I love the Flamingo, their buffet kicks ass, esp the breakfast buffet and its right in the middle of the strip.

Last time I was in Vegas I stayed at Treasure Island…the Sirens > *.

Have fun, guys! Get some good pics.

I am leaving thursday morning. 8:00 filght. i will also post pics.


haters :slight_smile:

I stayed at the flamingo when I was there earlier this year, defintely great buffets

bastards… never been to vegas…hopefully going for first time in february but vegas-sema=notasfun!

have fun

use a jimmy cap

Sitting in the airport right now… actually they just called our flight!! See ya later boys! :beer: :beer:

THE hotel @ mandalay > *

have fun guys! Sounds like yall will get in plenty of trouble! :beer:

Just remember, if you are winning and winning big, cash out!!! Then walk away slowly…I had to fill out a W2-G last time I was there before I could walk with my winnings :smiley:

My parents are staying there now & going to SEMA tomorrow or Wednesday. One of these years, I will make it to SEMA.