OH SNAP :unpimp this:




hardcore cops > *

not fun when that happens

This one is though.

He was some terrorist or something and asked for a bike as a get away vehicle.

I think it was in Spain too. ( I can’t remember, someon correct me with the story)

Eitherway the cops don’t take shit there, and well an undercover stopped him.



omg :sad:

am i the only person who doesnt laugh at those commercials?


although, the “honey, I cant hear the engine over your yackin” one made me laugh a little. I once did that to an ex… sort of

pikie no workie :frowning:

lol, yet another:



yes, because this is about as much fun as you can possibly have in a Volkswagen Polo http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5404220734338994811&q=volkswagen&pl=true

that clip was boring as hell, but this was right under it and reminded me of newmans new teef!!!



so the last time the camera looks at the speedo, its at about 120. Either that video footage is in slow-motion, or there is no way they are going anywhere near that fast… I’d say tops like 55…

EDIT… nevermind, thats kph…

HAHA, that suuucks.

The VW Polo isn’t available in the states… i.e. the speedo was in km/H. So yes, it really wasn’t going THAT fast… 75 mph tops.