Old school video game clip.

I thought it was funny :lol:


ahh memeories…

I think I’m going to play some of those games now…

i miss earth worm jim :tear:

I miss all those, Super Mario World the most…


Yeah Super Mario was the shit! When ever I go to my cousins house we plug in the good old 1988 Nintendo system and play Super Mario Brothers all the time. I still remember where all the free man are, all the tricks I remember the pattern for the maze in the end and all. All old Super Mario games should be in the in the video game hall of fame.


I feel like playing some super mario games now LOL
I guess I can go find an emulator…

Ahhh ha ha, I just finished playing Super Mario Bros. on NES like 5min ago.

I have 6 systems, 14 controlers, 2 guns and 40 something Games for NES.

I honestly fiend NES…

^ Hey trade ya Blades of Steel for Mike tysons punch out! :lol:

^^^ Got them both, Currently Playing Double Dragon II

Blades of Steel was possibly the best game ever made.

^^^ Let not forget Contra. And the origonal Metal Gear

blades of steal rockz! i love the fights and the shootout! no other hockey game was like that at that time.


btw adam…i have the original nintendo headset that goes with all the shooting games. its got the eye target thing and all you have to do is say liek fire or shoot or whatever…



Double Dragon II …oh you bastard that game kicks ass. Hammer and spike hahaha

Okay how about Xenophobe or Castlevania or Zelda or Road blaster or twin cobra or top gun or Rad racer or Rampage or renagade or ninja kid or gauntlet or jackal or skate or die or Narc. I used to have all those games!

Oh man those were the days! Good times, good times.

I think the super mario series, Jackal and contra were my faves. Wait cant forget the megaman series.

The talking about NES games makes up for the weaksauce video. Now I shall go play NES.