ORBIS Ring Drive - Make Any Car Hybrid / AWD


Weight is LESS than the factory setup… minus battery. True bolt-on modification.

With Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel, you will be adding anything from 50-100 horses to your car and you will be doing so without drivetrain loss, no transfer case, and no differentials or driveshafts. Moreover, with it, you are getting all the features a hybrid has to offer, including regenerative braking, battery charging and obviously, improved performance. And oh, like a factory hybrid, it can run fully electric too.

During this year’s SEMA, Orbis brought along a Honda Civic Type R outfitted with this system which gives it additional 75 horses on each of two once-non-driving wheels and turning it into a 4WD car in the process. Mind you, all these are from what essentially are bolt-on systems.

Woah… listen to the sound of this thing:


I’m at a loss on this. Crazy bit of kit, good video. wild.


That’s pretty cool. It’s also really weird seeing the car move without the rim turning. Your mind keeps waiting for the ebrake turn to happen.



Really cool concept. It has me curious how the handling is with these rear wheels though for performance. How hard can you corner with them over and over before developing a problems?


This is just stupid though.


No need for jealousy. haha