Pac Sun... who the hell

designs and prints their t-shirts… ??

this was at the pac sun outlet store in waterloo.
I told the guys who were working there about it and they were sure there was nothing wrong with it.


and for those of you who don’t know what the problem is…

there’s no apostrophe in BIKINIS.

i know, i hate mispunctuated t’s… they’re friggin everywhere lately

aside from just having retarded shit like that on there. i’m relatively sure there’s a male mannequin with that deal beneath a fruit blue or pink shirt witha an appropriately popped collar :chef:

perhaps that is the point? or perhaps they are just retarded…


i know i love them, and i dont care how its fucking spelled


that shirt is really wrinkly for being on display at a store


i have a mis-punctuated tattoo :lol:

but i dont care, cause i fucking hate em

I don’t care that I look like a complete idiot when I wear this t-shirt.

  1. because it’s misspelled
  2. because it says I love bikinis.

and the only girls who will talk to me now are the ones who don’t know that bikinis doesn’t have a ’ in it. hey, maybe that’s a good thing. I like dumb chicks anyway… it’s easier to do them when they’re stupid.


:mad: I’m not dumb

i saw a shirt that said “animals need hugs to”…

to what?

Youre definitely gay for noticing that

And you forgot the apostrophe in the word “You’re”

yeah, this is a thread about the proper use of apostrophes… be CAREFUL.

Eh at least I spelled ‘You’re’ correctly. I could have said ‘your’ or ‘ur’ or if I was completely retarded I could’ve said ‘yore’.

WTF are you doing finding shit like that? lol

whoa whoa whoa

so you’re saying you wont go home with me if i was wearing that shirt?

mental note… dont wear that shirt around jan