pagent winner in Buffalo!

Miss Vietnamese USA 2006 held in Orange County, California.

I was home today and my mom called me and told me my sister won, it was totally unexpected to me because in my knowledge, all the hot girls are in Cali, not in NY, let alone Buffalo, NY. LOL, but she wasn’t in first place, like 3rd I think and a $2,000 prize. Im gonna ask her for some of that money for all my support (I didn’t give any). I guess the judges and the 3 thousand people in attendance liked her tho lol.

that’s her.

notice no I’d hit it jokes, no hookups, don’t ask me where can you find her. She has a bf, he’s a doctor :biglaugh:

Very cool.
Congratulations to Lanchi!

I didn’t know they had a Miss Vietnam USA…

I’d hit it, Hook me up, where does she live? she got a b/f? :wink:

^ what he said (i ignored the dating a dr. part…shes single in my eyes lol)

Seriously, just cause hes a dr. doesnt mean she wont take some good lovin, besides poor guys are around more.

congrats, no cum get this tonneau cover lol

wow, cool for her.

She’s number 32 btw

She told me the pagent to rigged. The 1st place finisher is the niece of the guy who sponsered the show. 2nd and 3rd places were hired :tdown:

thats cool… but only $2000, that kinda sucks lol

shes only 20 and she is dating a doctor? how old is this guy, lol.

#28 and # 3 = my new concubines

#28 looks like shes 75% white girl … wtf is she doin in this pagent ?

my sister’s bf is only 27, he’s pretty young lol. #28 is also from NY, and she’s mine, I asked my sister to hook me up LOL.


Nyspeed deathmatch for #28?

bring ya gunsZ

I will be her boy toy…lmao