painted my calipers

well i decided to paint the calipers today since i was gonna put my wheels back on.i think they look good and not ricey lol well here are the pics.u should like the color i chose.

the first step was clean the calipers up.i used rubbing alcohol.

2nd step was the ground coating.

3rd step was black engine enamel.

4th step was the clear coat so they would clean up easy.

last step sand the nissan logo with 120 grit sandpaper. here is the finished product.

and with the wheel on.

looks good!

looks great! so glad you didn’t go with red

I’ve gotta do mine soon too

Looks good but you probably should have sanded the Nissan logo and then cleared to help keep it from rusting.

Important when the caliper is aluminum!

not all z32 calipers are aluminum :slight_smile:

The “26mm Aluminum” calipers were used ONLY on 1990 non-turbos. They used a 280mm x 26mm rotor.

The “30mm Aluminum” calipers were used on 1990 Twin-turbos and ALL 1991-1992.5 300ZX’s (both turbo and non-turbo alike). They used a 280mm x 30mm rotor.

The “30mm Iron” calipers were used on ALL 1992.5-1996 300ZX’s (both turbo and non-turbo alike). They also used the 280mm x 30mm rotor.

Jimmy :embarass:

Looks great Tray! :smiley:

Well if it is aluminum it would still hold up better under a clear coat as even aluminum will build up a layer of oxidation crap that the clear coat would help protect against. :moon:

I just might already have known that :wink:

Indeed, just had to point that out though!

i resprayed the clear coat after i sanded the nissan logo.and they are the 30mm aluminum caliper

good job. looks great

Looks good as hell man … good job

Looks good, glad you did not go with the red. and your just intime for the ctc car show with thoes.

Lookin good Tray.

Hey, what the hell ever happened to ur buddy Gary? I used to work with him at K-Mart.

he lives up the road from me.we still hang out.he bought a 97 ford f150 2 weeks ago

as i told you yesterday…calipers look good.