Peter Jennings dies at 67

I wasn’t aware how bad his cancer was. :frowning:

Wow… I didn’t even know he had cancer. So sad :frowning:


Jennings was a HEAVY smoker for many years before he finally quit. I guess he took too long to quit. RIP.

jesus, didnt i just see him on TV on friday???

Na i think he left the station a few months back, because4 of his ailing health. that really blows, now you smokers have yet another example of what it does to you.

Peter was my favorite news anchor… he was so suave.
I’m going to miss him. They played his little good bye on CNN tonight and it was very sad… I wish every person in broadcast would be as classy and good as he was.

Wow, That was so sudden. RIP


he was canadian :tdown:

Smokings bad mmkay, RIP

hw quit smoking like 20 years ago, but started up again during 9/11