~Post your Domestic~


terminators :greddy: just like their whinny owners. Mustang and GTO owners have to be the worst cry babies.


old ones below


nice front plate :kekegay:


all automatics :greddy2:


:rofl: neons are cool


whats ur ET?




Phone home


yeah tell me about it ! Btt its good for when you park downtown and ppl back into your car !



He knows im just screwin with him. all his cars were nice even tho they are auto’s


i could give a shit less what a neon owner says anyway i mean seriously they drive a neon what sense can they have ?

j/k :grouphug:




My new daily driver! 99 TA



lol oh the love

Nice! auto or manual? any plans to do anything to it or keep it stock?


Its bone stock auto with 2.73 gear… its got stock ypipe on it with some cheap homemade ‘ypipe-back’ exhaust. Its really quiet tho and its using crush bent small typing.

My plans for it for now are some suspension stuff–lower it abit with good shocks to make it a fun handling car moreso than it is now surprisingly enough. Do headers/full exhaust/tune and maybe gears/converter. Just bolt ons.

It needs to be daily driver so i dont want/need to get crazy. I got the camaro for crazy. Thought about cam/mild ported heads setup too just to get a fresh valvetrain since its got 88K miles. We’ll see. You can get easy 375-400whp and still have great driveability and pass emissions i guess which I need to do, so it may get those mods. Just need to get camaro done and save more money


how amusing, i own none of those cars i started this thread with now :angel:




[ame=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lnUGexTLpQ”]YouTube - 0-130[/ame]



Looking through your other youtube videos. You like the attention of a “police” car.
You have any lights hidden in the grille, Like to pull over women late at night, carry a rent a cop badge ?

You still have the spot light :wtf:


if you dont put a dunkin dohnuts box on the dash for car shows, ill kick you in the nuts.