~Post your Domestic~


those are so :greddy:



looks sharp


I was going down Rt.8 last saturday and you passed me in the GF’s car. Too bad I wasn’t in the SS. Car sounds pretty good.


just basic 3.4 mods supporting…comp G is staying stock…and buick is just a grand national…not a gnx…thxs alot greg


not the same one, that guys from ohio


Thanks. I had my kids with me in the back anyways. So you didn’t miss much.


oh ok. Car sounds pretty good though. I kinda like the sportback. It gives it some personality thats different than every other TA around.


My 1995 Explorer that I just put back on the road to try to reach 200k miles (currently at 195k)


And my 1999 F550 diesel dump







are the 550’s a 7 speed like the 650s?


Yeah it’s a 7.3 and no it is a 6 speed not a 7…it has plenty of gear for me so far though, any other power strokes on here?


me cheeks Lou from laurel mountain mustang fat mark but he isn’t on here


thanks jeff for lining my tips up!



My '03 Ram 1500 4x4







Silver/Black Vette looks sick!


espo sold it already. He goes through cars like most people go through underwear. Dodge stealh awd tt, srt4,03 cobra, then the c5 all within 4 years i believe. Next i heard a c6, sti, or possibly a c6 z06. My guess would be a z06.


Yeah I considered makin an offer on that Terminator of his, but I just wasn’t in the right financial state for it yet…