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i kinda like the rear window set up. ive never seen one on a 4th gen.


stolen from that guy with the mustang



Stole this idea from the guy with the mustang



Stole this idea from the guy with the mustang


clear hood, huh.

How does one do that? I would imagine 2 pix of the car, hood open on one & hood closed on the other. How do you mix them together?


transparency in photoshop


My new toy, almost done with her!



I like!




Yea just take 2 pics one with it open and one with it closed then mess with the transparency n put a quickmask on it to get rid of the crap that you dont want.


x23456347 :wackit:


ok with vette. what all you have done to it? looks sharp


Sweet Vette… Not an Atomatic is it?


my buick

pics of our gtp…just sold the blue one and white one is for sale


Very nice turbo buick sir





Is it a real GNX?




any mods to the white one?? yours looks like one on GCP that is modded pretty well. It has the same white wheels and has a MP112.

also any mods to the Comp G?