OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


Yup. Really don’t know why there isn’t a thread on here like this. Post pictures of YOUR vehicles. Feel free to post pictures of when you bought it and it’s current state highlighting modifications done, good or bad.
Guess I’ll start

Last year when I listed it for sale
I’ll update as I go, lots being done to my car this winter.

Current status

Pile of parts, waiting on a Competition clutch, Perrin rear swaybar, O2 dump, 4" TScomp speed density intake, S2 cams, Kiggly springs, Mini radiator w/slim fan and an E85 tune.

Pictured, L19 headstuds, AMS fuel rail, FIC 1100 high Z injectors, resistor pack delete, Omni 4 bar map sensor, Whiteline front swaybar, Grimmspeed 3 port boost. I’m also porting the 9 turbo, both manifolds and the throttle body with fresh seals. I also sold the Sparco harness bar to go with a white Autopower rear section race roll bar. Also in the process of painting my headlight housings black


I really thought there was a thread for this… somewhere…


All I remember is this one…

Official Post Instagram Pics Of Your Car


No pictures anyone? Figured people would want to share.


When I bought it:
IMGP5458 by lorge1989, on Flickr

IMGP6677 by lorge1989, on Flickr

I’ll put up some engine bay shots later.


I wish I had an Audi to daily drive :thumright:


^ Really old though.


the daily:


Well looks like it’s time for an updated one anyhow

I thought you sold your Evo?


Thanks Hybrid.

Wowzers that thing is clean.


nope i kept it, was going to sell to buy a new z06… but i did the adult thing and buying a house


Nice. Congrats on that


Agreed. Surprised we haven’t had one since 08.

^Cobra kitcar not mine

And one snowy driftacular one. :slight_smile:



^ Do you drive the Legacy or the flatbed?



Slow POS daily.

:snky: recent work in progress…


No mods, since it is leased, but would love nothing more than to put some springs on it. Might get some tint next spring though.


Points lost for instagram, but I don’t care.

Pretty soon my other ride will be alive


Okay, I’ll bite: