Post Your Import

You dont have to post a million pictures. One is good. Just wondered what was out there.

Here’s my 92 Civic Vx. I have done a 94 Ls swap. Short ram intake , Full exhaust ( no cat) , DC Header. The whole car is sitting on urethane bushings. It has Full coilovers. In a year or 2 Imma mod it more. Cant spend any cash right now. Its a good runner. Low miles. Its a good reliable fast car. In the pic is My winter wheels and tires. I have 2 sets of wheels

1994 Acura Integra GSR

To many mods to list:

I c Turbo lol Fast bastard i can see. We did a turbo’d gsr. Has 267whp. Fast

look at my many mods to list

yea Im planning on around 450-500whp. Its a sleeved 2L

94 celia

jdm 2nd gen 3sgte motor
mr2 tranny
3" Exhaust
6 puck clutch
msd ignition

Im just waiting for my return check to come in anyday now So I can order my new turbo kit with a frontmount… why does it take so long :frowning:

your gonna need it :wink:

sorry, but im bored and its sunday morning, so im hijacking this thread with lots of pictures…

thats all i have pictures of… and minus the rest of teh dumbestics since this is in “Import”

turbo LS hatch. bored/sleeved GSR soon.

well i dont know if anyone could have imagined this but i have a 90 nissan 240sx :slight_smile:

i have some mods that include a newer ka24de engine but nothing really special. i was planning on forced induction via engine swap or building its current motor but things in my life kind of prevented that. ive spent over 2 years trying to take care of all the small problems with this car and i think i did a good job. its clean as can be with very few problems :slight_smile:

im considering selling this car if the right person or offer came along though so feel free to PM me if your interested.

95 integra LS
tokico shocks/springs
omni rear LCAs
60mm exhaust
J’s style intake
header and ITR lip coming when it warms up

Nice cars

Dont feel like listing everything. I just bought a big chunk of new parts. So im in the winter rebuild stages now…

My whip … Trying to get it in to get its paint job finally

Red X’s


Is that the same car?

what happened to the S2000

i bet it was gettin road raced and didnt make a turn.