Post the Most Recent picture of your car (PICS ONLY)


taken yesterday


This is still how my car looks:
Red car = John
Blue Car = Phil
Yellow Car = James
Orange Car = Ajay


Hey guys, here’s some pics of my zenki 95 up the markham area.

With the new rims I just bought…

Sorry about the dark pics…




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Some of these cars really need to be lowered! Massive wheel gaps in a few of those pics.

Lowered = teh hottness



my car, spilners car…


Hey s14_2nv whos cars are the ones in the background the 3 S13s i would liek to see more pics of the yellow one. i havent seen to many yellow S13s like mine.
here is my car takin 5 min ago.


Here’s mine for anyone who missed it.

Plus no one seems to be posting anything relevant to the topic.



spends more time on back of truck then on road lately.


hot ass wheels what are the specs?


16*9 +15 with 225/55/16 st115’s


The White Hippo


Taken a few days ago. And yes, the front wheel is missing the
VR (Volk Racing) centercap. :frowning:

And the last pic is a reason why you should get an alignment. Although
in my case I didn’t mind because i wanted to waste these tires before
I put the winters on.