QUICK SALE CA18DET Complete swap!!!!!

COMPLETE CA18DET swap minus upper and lower harness (you use your stock lower harness anyways)

Motor has 78 000km on it, really clean except it’s a bad case of rod knock. Spun a bearing after running low on oil, let off right away and towed it home. Hopefully it just needs a new bearing, but who knows.

You get:

complete motor, minus water temp sensor for cluster (any s13 ka one can replace it)
tranny no grinds, minus speed sensor, you need to put KA in anyways as CA would read wrong speed
intake and exhaust manifold
rad + shroud
clutch fan
intercooler piping
wierd vacuum canister that controls the magic butterflies in the intake manifold that nobody who does CA swaps has and their car runs slow as fuck because of

$350 for the list, maybe some other stuff I forgot, must be picked up, must be soon.

Located in west end of toronto, possibly brampton.

Great for someone with a CA that wants spare parts, or someone who wants to build up and masterbate with.

Cell = 416-455-3933

ALSO INCLUDES IGNITOR!!! :spank::spank::spank::spank::albino::albino: :albino::albino: :albino::albino:

Will trade for NINTENDO WII or XBOX 360!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


The block is not cracked or anything like that is the block itself damaged in anyway???

The motor still ran before I pulled it out, it would knock above 3000 rpm, I haven’t opened up the motor, or have anywhere to do so.

Includes both intake and exhaust manifold, and turbo.

Setup is 75% sold.

Will try and get Jantos to post up a video of it running before we pulled it out.