Racing from Saturday

and my favorite

got second out of 7 cars in my class…next race is next saturday in WV so i should have some more pictures then

and some friends that also race

looks like a bunch of fun.

Sweet pictures Wayne

damn that looks cool

yepp tons of fun…sept it has solid suspension in the rear end and almost rolled it due to bouncing in the shutdown

SWeet ! would be pretty cool to watch

come down to smithton in october ill bring it down so everyone can watch…also bringing it to irwin in 2 weeks for the show

sweet remind me when so i can try to be there

will do…hopefully all of the old farts wont bitch if i bring it down to irwin

ha ha…if u get it there early b4 it gets packed & wait till it starts to clear it out to load it up u should be fine,

yeah prob what ill do…ha bet ill get plenty of double takes and what the hells

ok so let me get this right… you will drive that thing but when we were rolling the tires off at 100mph in the sol you got a scared, wuss

lol shut up fucker…a car that small should not go that fast ha

other than the tires that thing looks smaller

eh bigger then the del sol…and i dont think the japs intended to have 400 horse under the hood of that car when it was built lol