Robot Warfare.

With recent technology, the robots and UAV’s are becoming more and more common and they are starting to carry weapons as well.

Soon there will be just a bunch of guys sitting in a bunker with joysticks going around streets (in wherever the war is at the time), in a swarm of RC bots shooting around.

With advances in video technology and face/people recognition to the point where a surveilance camera can automatically detect if a person is acting out of context… on it’s own, we are not far from completely automated war machines, which is unheard of.

So the question is, should we embrace that technology or should a person always be behind a trigger?

with technology that way it is today and the way it will be tomorrow… there is no way this will ever happen. There is no way two opposing sides are going to setup these little rc killers and battle each other. War will always result in lost lives. Modern war will be run from behind PCs and be a battle of missiles and counter-missiles.

This iraq BS is nothing more than a pushing match. If it was a real war and we wanted them destroyed than we’d just have to hit a button.

I don’t want to get offtopic, but it’s never as easy as pushing a button, which is why to date U.S. is the first and only country to ever use the weapon for it’s intended purpose. Ever since then it’s nearly impossible to use the weapon as anything else other then the weapon of last resort, because the international disaster the use of it will cause will far outweight any immediate war gains it would produce.

I don’t see any reason that in a future war two UAV’s would go head to head in the air, the ground will follow soon. Good gamers will be our soldiers of the future. And the first robot to robot shootout will be monumental.

war will always result in lives lost. You think the war will start and end with this robot battle? I cannot see a county surrendering after losing a robot battle.

With typical moms pushing to get their kids out of there, people not supporting the government people just won’t really won’t to go and the push for no war/automated wars less and less people will want to go in.

Once you see an army of little robots (far out in the future obviously) sending man power against it, isn’t going to be the most efficient solution, rather other weapons (EMP’s) and traps against machines will be a cheaper easier better alternative, which will only lead to building bigger and better machines.


I should have elaborated a little more. Once one side’s robot army has failed then whats left? Humans! So that victorious robot army will go after property and humans. It may start with robots, but it wont end with them. It’ll just be another option.

johnny 5 is now one badddd asss mofo

What they need to do is send some of these where ever war is on the horizon, I think people will think twice

We already have totally automated weapon machines…the predator i beleive its called takes off alone can be preset to ac ourse drop its load and come back on its own…

AND if you think they dont have things with lazers and AI and shit behind closed doors you so silly :slight_smile: lol

u think i can order that mod for my revo or r/c helicopter?? ;D

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Once each side has enough robot millitary I doubt any infantry will want to go against machines.

i should attempt to build a lil cannon for the revo. :ponder

You wont!

(I’ll help)

it’s on my to do list… :nod

This is pure gold.