S13 Parts - Moving out Sale

Here is a list of items that I have for sale. I’m moving and need these things gone. All parts are off an 89 S13 SOHC KA24E

$40 for all 4 - 4 steel rims 4 bolt off 89 S13. There are tires on there, not the greatest at all!! SOLD

$60 MAF’s - one will come with the complete air box and plastic intake piece. SOLD

$110 5 spd tranny

$40 Water pump SOLD

$40 Power steering pump

$25 Drop in K&N air filter for stock airbox SOLD

$50 Brand new front rotors and brake pads SOLD

$950 for M Sports bodykit - SOLD

$20 Stock steering wheel - no cruise control

Call me on my cell or text message me to get a quicker response 919-4510. I may not get to check my e-mail till sometime in the evenings.


Bump for a great guy.

For all the SR swaps out there the SOHC maf is interchangable with the SR one.


From Monday - Thursday the best way to reach me is thru PM’s or txt msg me. I probably won’t be able to check my e-mails till late in the evenings.

bump updated prices and parts

Bodykit is SOLD!!

jay man, i got the 240 goin, but yea, hows the rubber on the steelie rims, how bad is bad so to speak, i need something, 'cause my rubbers all stress cracked from sittin forever

Hmmmmm well they’re just mismatched, I’d replace them within a few months months. You’re more than welcome to come over and check them out?? I work tomorrow(Wednesday) from 2pm -10pm but I am off Thursday - Saturday. I’m usually free from 8:30am - 1pm.

Make me offers, lowballers (somewhat) welcome!! I want to get rid of the rest of the stuff!! I don’t have a garage anymore and I need the shed space before that white shit hits!!

Updated some of the items!!

bump - updated some prices