S14 JDM Navan Front Bumper w/ Stock Light up Antenna + Fogs


A little while ago I picked up a complete S14 Navan kit, but decided to go with a different front bumper.

It is a little roughed up due to some scratches and a fist size chunk missing from the very bottom underside. You’ll still want to fix this, but it is underneath, and not really noticeable unless your looking UNDER the car.

It also comes with a very unique Blue light up antenna. I’ve never seen this before, but there’s a spot in the bumper, when turned on, a blue beam comes out of it… Seems very cool. Also nice looking Fog’s are included!

Again this bumper will require a bit of fibreglass work at the bottom, and oviously sanding down everywhere else, so it’s a small project.

VERY UNIQUE though. Asking just $80 !
Located in Mississauga by Square 1.


Bumper sold to me. Thanks