Say Something About the Poster Above You

Just say something about the poster above you

good, bad, funny, lame, let it all hang out :gay2:


You are gay

:lockd: :lockd: :lockd: :lockd: :lockd: :lockd: :lockd: :lockd: :lockd:

Adam, you should get the VII tails, not the orange/clear/black ones you stupid ricer.

Weve had sex once.

has soft hands

likes to touch everyone^^

I have no idea who you are.

post whore :stuck_out_tongue:

I graduated a year ahead of you

^^ is a yellow car biter

lightning quick posts…i was refering to mcgass

no more touching for you :stuck_out_tongue:

has a sister who in no way do I think is hot nor would i ever look at her naked

going to get his light knock out the next time i see him

isnt lol’ing like i am


loves the ///M coupe


^owns a jeep I’m asuming…

^doesnt seem to know the previous poster