shit for sale

iight i got a couple things i wanna get rid of
brand new duratrax buggy electric remote control car just askin what i paid be good for a little kid-$170
tippman 98 custom pro used once mask two tanks and two hoppers if i can find the other one-$220
set of chevy heads think there off a 305-make an offer

bump son! hope u can still buy the DA soon :thumb

if it was at rev getting a b16 swap it woulda never been crached.



?? :confused

i think he might’ve been confused!

swift are you retarded??.. i didnt have the money yet… and what if i got rear ended and had the motor already in?? then what… i’d be super fucked

wow totally confused

dude i was hammered when i wrote that!

hahaha shoulda figured u always trashed? lol can i come fucking join to take this fuckin pain away lol

oh well… i wanna buy an accord now… throw a deuce in it

what happened again? and yeah you can… all i do at night cause i can’t sleep is play Forza 2, check the forum, and drink captain. + if you play ping pong… i’m pretty nasty after a few C&Cs

got tboned and fucked my leg up and i suck at pong specually on one leg

i need this shit gone!!! make me an offer on ne of it!!!