side skirts, cheap s13 interior, kouki hood

side skirts look like this
currently on my car/ painted gunmetal > $200 obo

dohc exhaust manifold- $5

ka clutch flywheel pressureplate/bearing (still pretty good, will use if not sold)-$20

stock ka injectors $10

altezza tails $40 or best offer

and all 4 stock s13 seats and mint dash- all blue.- $50!!!

now you decide to sell those sides :frowning:

Where are you located If your close to Niagara I’ll buy the flywheel,clutch etc.
Pm me if you want

Wheres the hood? Pics? And price?
this is the kouki hood. its painted semi gloss black, kinda beaten up but has slight repairs. open for best offer now.

call me i want the tails and the hood. 905 923 7498 thanks.

is the pressure plate and what not still avaliable

^^ still available let me know.

Nterested in seats! Where you located.

still have the tails? you have my number, call me.

still have the hood? pm’d

do you still have the exhaust manifold? let me know ASAP

manifold gone
still have tails and hood

lol i want the hood… pm me what you want for it plus i have kouki grill for you as well.