You’re off your rocker.

sienas freethrowing abilities= :facepalm

Rossiter was doin werk on free throws. thats about it

Ehh, they were OK from the line, 20 for 28. Rossiter and Ubiles were the only ones that shot above 50% for FT’s.

Sorry, Siena had 21 turnovers.:ohnoes and shot 6 for 24 from 3 pt. range.[if that’s not some horrible playing, idk) Moore said in an interview after the game “both my shots were pure luck, I had no intentions of them going in.”

lets just say they need to step it up BIG time tomorrow…


:rofl Yeah he does!!
And all teh black guys kept fouling him:lol

Prolly the best player on the team too…I’ll take it.

White boy gotz no skillz stupid!! lol

Game time in an hour :excited

Lets go Saints.

+1 starnger things have happened. Pitts had to play hard today.

They’re playing well so far, but Louisville is a beast…

seina’s getting scared. they keep missing layups because they think that they’re going to get blocked/fouled. ubellis (sp) needs to use his athleticism more, i can only think of one time where he pump faked and then drove in, that move works. if hasbrouk and moore can get the louisville defense to spread out by making a few three’s, they should be able to find rossiter or ubellis open more on the inside.

BTW i’m 12/13 so far for my sweet 16 :smiley:


this game is getting serious…Siena is on fire right now!

Who would have thought Hasbrouck going to the bench would spark them?

Siena has great outside shooting and a solid defense but they are definitely lacking in the size department…hopefully there speed keeps them in it til the end.

Just hoping they don’t tire out. It’d be much better if this happened at the 3 minute mark.

Woo game is making me sweat…

F’n CBS - go to to watch in online.