skyline,silvia,240 parts for sale!!!

hey guys i was doing some cleaning around the garage and came across some items that some of you may be interested in, all prices have shipping to anywhere in canada included in them so if anything interests you, pm me or email me, thanks alot. I am also willing to trade things as well so if you have anything you would like to trade let me know, all trades are welcome

hey guys i was going through some of my stuff i have picked up over time for my skyline and decided this stuff i wasn’t going to use in it so here ya go pm me if interested in anything all prices are shipped to your doorsteps.

*rb20det side mount intercooler with piping $100.00 shipped

  • Gtr spoiler black in colour $120 shipped anywhere in canada

*Full custom single 12" subwoffer enclosure made to fit directly into your trunk of your skyline and can be modded to fit a 240 or silvia etc looks amazing and 2000 watt power acoustics subwoffer included with the box asking $300 shipped to your door anywhere in canada

*gts-t corner lenses in great shape - $40 shipped to your door anywhere in canada

  • 3 inch stainless catback exhaust nice aggressive sound $300 shipped to your door.

  • HKS AIC stand alone (addition injector controller) asking $230 shipped to your door

The HKS AIC is a stand alone digital fuel enrichment device that is designed to supply, upon demand, the supplemental fuel needed by forced induction vehicles as tuning levels are increased. The AIC is an ideal option for vehicles that require additional fuel, but have factory fuel systems that offer limited expandability. Supplemental fuel is integrated via additional injectors mounted in the intake stream or on the intake manifold. Useable on factory turbocharged applications or aftermarket turbocharged applications, from 3 to 8 cylinders, the AIC can control up to eight additional injectors for maximal precision fuel enrichment. Offering the most comprehensive adjustments available, the AIC utilizes two independent fuel curves: boost pressure and RPM. The boost-dependant fuel curve, can be calibrated up to 2.5 Kg/cm? of boost in 0.01 kg/cm? increments and the RPM-dependant fuel curve has the calibration range from 1,000 RPM to 12,000 RPM in 100rpm increments. Each fuel curve is independent of each other, yet work simultaneously as the two curves overlap, subsequently offering the sum of the two enrichment values at that given condition.

HKS Glovebox gauge panel in amazing shape(very rare)
$200 shipped anywhere in canada

52mm Triple gauge pod new in package
$40 shipped anywhere in Canada

more stuff to come guys so keep looking back!!!

no interest guys? good stuff here

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i like the dash pods…always wanted one of those

pics of the exhaust pls

trinituner i will send u pics as soon as i can i got lots of snow blocking my garage right now lol