small/mid size snap on toolbox $700?? obo

Picked up this toolbox on a trade from burnall4. evokilla, redevil, keifer and anyone else in rubins garage can vouch for this box. Its about 6 foot tall, has 11 drawers, all with liners (see pics). Ball bearing slides, all the drawers open and close nicely. Both locks work and I have the key. All the latches are in nice working order as well. If you are truely interested, pm me, thanks for looking.

That’s a little steep man , Prolly worth 4-500 700 is what a snap on dealer would get and if your tryin to unload it your not gonna . Perf try selling to a snap on dealer

thank you, honestly i really wasn’t sure what it was worth. i know what ive got into it, and just threw it out there. do you think a snap-on dealer would be interested in it??

You could get 300 for the bottom on the truck. Buddy just traded one in.

Some would be , that box makes a great starter box I had one .

keep it for a bit, ill scoop it for a starter box for when im outta here

got a few offers and a few people are coming to look at the box tomm…see what happens

cut your finger nails

sold, 850$ lock it up

Hope that guy dosnt see this thread lol