Sneak peak at the 2012 Ducati GP bike

I’m excited!

I’m interested to see how next year go’s.

Great teaser.

Have you guys been following “Fastest”?


I have seen faster, fastest, the doctor the tornado the Kentucky kid.

Looks like I have some catching up to do then :rofl

:lol Faster is the most interesting do to it being filmed at the time of the classic Baiggi Vs Rossi feud.

Just watched Faster. Thanks for recommending it. Quite a fascinating flick.

The flash back of the feud between Rossi and Biaggi and the two older racers (can’t recall the names). Reminded me of the Senna v Prost battle.

Also the history behind the sport and how Kenny Roberts was the first to throw the knee out, or how Biaggi liked to drift his bike etc.

Can’t wait to see the rest you mentioned.

Take out at the end of the clip about how dangerous and suicidal street riding is, coming from those guys had me :crackup

+1 great film!

the “Tornado, Doctor and Kentucky Kid” was a great film too just because it was so interesting learning about Nicky and Colin’s history and how they started racing

kevin schwantz & wayne rainey? They’re feud was one of the best in sports history if you ask me. That was a true rivalry one couldn’t exist without the other. when Rainey was gone Schwantz had nothing to shoot for.

There is also a decade in MotoGP that just came out a month ago or so.

It was an OK flick to me, I’ve never been a Nicky fan I’ve always seen him as a big douche.:rofl but it is interesting to hear everyone’s train of thought while riding laguna seca.

Funny I grew up loving bikes as a kid similar to Nicky and ewards, but once I feel off my small bike as a kid my mother never let me touch one again. Who knows where I would have been if she didn’t nip it in the butt.:banghead

She also wouldn’t me go trick or treating ether…
She said people would drug me and I’d end up a junkie sucking dick for Smack…:eek3

Come to think of it I had a bad childhood:lol:rofl