So I just civic has come quite a long way.


So basically the space between your tire and fender is as tight as a 14 year olds vagina. Only one finger needed.

Garage Sale - Greddy Exhaust, Steelies, Tires, etc


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"jizz stains from bumpin uglies with underage girls

misc poop

53 quarts of motor oil (not including changes)"

sounds like the same car to me?

beck i do like the new look a lot better. cant wait to see it in person, oh and btw a new “smaller more discrete” muffler would benefit you greatly; make the arse look a lot more…lets say…umm…not like it is going to shoot some sort of large melon at you.


:tup: to ur hard work and a better looking setup tho…how is the traction with the new tires?


and when u get a cf hood, get cf mirrors…and “paint” your spoiler carbon fiber, or just black.


looks more like every modded hatch now.

and you put sticking on it?

street racing vs tapout
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… doesnt look all that different?

seat covers, clear corners, a couple stickers, and a new front lip? Am I missing something that everyone else sees?


East End Meet?

Feels nice to make something yours doesn’t it? Glad you like it better. Nice subtle improvements. :tup:

Lot......or not?

was that the mess grill i left in the back of the hatch? i wanted to paint it back and toss it in but never got around to it. :tup: to saving your intercooler.

and i know you love those seats. let me just say

i told you so

any rubbing in the front? i rolled the rear fenders to they should be fine. i unrolled the fronts so i could get the fender wells back in.

Rotterdam Race gas?

looking good man. CF hood,duckbill and paint that intercooler black now


Wouldn’t it be a really bad idea to paint an intercooler? (Thermal insulation…)


yes, thats the mesh grill that came with the car. :tup:

the seats rock my ass’s world :tup:

and i do have slight, slight rubbing in the front, when i turn, extreme turns (u-turns) but other than that…no rubbing.


in response to BikerFry:

scroll down. black intercooler FTW

A Cooler Cooler

I wonder if you can settle a disagreement between and a few mates? I’m saying that a front-mount intercooler would be more efficient if it was painted in radiator paint to improve the thermal conductivity. But my mate says it will insulate the FMIC. Please correct me if I’m wrong, because I’ve just mounted an intercooler in the bumper of my Toyota GT4 ST185 and don’t want to mess up the install by painting it matt black…

Chris Geraghty

We have seen conflicting literature on the matter but our testing leads us to believe that a black painted intercooler performs better than a bare one.

Beck: as long as you don’t get a gay bodykit and a huge spoiler, that thing will stay tight. :tup:


it is the hot


not with radiator paint.


I personally like the shocker stickers… 2 in the pink 1 in the stink! thats how those underaged girls like it now, along with ass to mouth

Lot......or not?

i like the amber corners better. other than that, :tup:


looks good :tup: i wanna do the mesh painted black on my front bumper too

Quad Vs Bike
Quad Vs Bike

OMG Chris (soloIIpoop) stop being a whore. :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed the seats. I didn’t notice much else. But what more can you really do?

And I like it WITHOUT the duckbill. IMO that’s just a fad that the H-T douchebags think looks good because they need to justify paying for something with very little purpose.


I’ve sooooo got you beat in the “come a long way” category…

And since you gave my g/f a ride in it when she was too cold to go on the bike, I think I deserve a ride as well, lol.

What clutch are you running in that? I’m trying to find a clutch that I can street but won’t slip…