Some new pix of my car

I installed a Fiamm horn…sounds much better and louder. Installed new lip with zip ties…much faster and safer. Please gimme some comments. I scratched the shit out of the bumper today on the 290 where there is construction and a big bump. I am wondering if I can get reimbursed for damaging a little to my lip due to lack of signs that says bump!

Meh, I’m not a huge fan of tha tlip. It’s too squared off IMO. To me, it disrupts the flow too much.

it looks nice, but functional?

adds a lot of downforce. JDM Varis stuff

all X’s

john fix it!

no way…i can see it! try refreshing

Looks hot. I love your car.

:tup: to real aero parts

hotTtness…saw the car at wal-mart on thursday…looks good

hottest evo around

Looks good :tup: to a clean car

lookin good man

Very nice, the lip looks kind of gaudy in some pics, like ur gonna plow snow with it but if it’s functional - :tup:

NICE!!! :tup:


hottest evo, and hottest rx300 lol

something about yellow and black cars…Mmmmm

Looks hot dude :tup:

i’ll walk in the snow instead…hehehe. I’ll just drive a SUV in the winter. I just clay barred and waxed the shit out of the car. Car looks glossy now. Will post some more pix later

Lip looks good, IMO :tup:

so thats what u were doin the other day…i see ur car every day behind the apartments when i get on the thruway to go to work around 8

nice car man… but its time to get a bigger intercooler while the frt clip is off