So is it "New York State Peed" or "New York Speed"?

nope i didn’t do a search for it. tell me how the name came about. I know it’s pretty straigh forward… but tell more. What other names where you considering?

NY Speed

Actually I was thinking of like :

WCNYAF - western central new york automotive forum

or something like that,

then NYspeed just dawned on me.

New York? I thought the NY stood for Notorious Yugo… that’s it, I quit

yea … when i saw the link i was like "fuck … thats gotta be the best name possible

why limit the forum to wny members and advertisers when you can instead just take an entire state by storm ?

I was going to make the NYS Peed joke, but then I forgot to. Damn you!!

Hey at least this forum has a name that means something :tup:

yeah i agree unlike a few forums… :gotme:

NYS peed crossed my mind too… lol

I think i beat you all to NYS peed.