So this rolled up at work this week**PICS**

Car showed up at Lexus on Wednesday I believe. At first, I thought it was a Muira, from a distance, then when I got close, I realized it was even more rare. Here we have a 1972 Lamborghini Espada equipped with a V12 engine, fueled by (6) 48mm? Weber carbs. This car is Baller.


wierd, and cool. and weird.

That’s the same engine that was in the coutach.

Man that thing is uggggly. Looks like a really long and short AMC javelin hatchback. I hope the italian guy who designed that had his armani and gucci apparel taken away for that.

Long AND short? lol

cool that it looks like its still in pretty good condition but damn that things looks like a festiva on steroids

long the length wise, short as in height.

was that a trade in? I wonder how much they got for it…

No, it was not a trade-in. A customer brought it in for service. Over the winter, an early 80’s Ferrari sat behind Lexus, awaiting a clutch and oil change. That took all winter. Parts availability on cars of this scale are not as easy as going to Pep Boys. As Don found out with the Lambo he did, shit needs to be sent out, rebuilt, and/or specially manufactured. This is the main reason why you do not see these cars out cruising around.

what does that thing put to the ground?

You aint kiddin brotha

it’s only sweet because of what it is.

i think it’s awesome.

because i was gonna say, damn someone is hard up…selling their museum pieces.

I have no idea what something like that is even worth, anyone wanna take a guess?

I heard a rumor, due to its age, model, and rarity, its somewhere around $250,00-$300,000…but I really have no idea.

Depending on condition its only worth between $25k-35k. 1217 were made from 1968-78.

its ugly


words cant describe how ugly that car is

Italian cars are good looking but that is the only thing they have going for them.
Well, this car shoots that theory to Hell.
Some Italian cars have nothing going for them.

According to the Lamborghini Registry, only 575 were made.