So you think you are having a bad day...

Canadian Press - Fri Jul 22, 4:11 PM ET

USA’s Chelsea Davis hits her face on the board while performing an inward two-a-half dive in the women’s three-metre competition Friday. (CP PHOTO/Ryan Remiorz)

pwn3d… Greg Louganis wannabe.

Edit, that really isn’t funny though.

:eek: .

i saw that on the news earlier and they were interviewing her too … everything down to like the bottom of her nose is swollen to hell, the showed the video of her bashing her face / bleeding into the pool …

she looks like chyna at the moment cause of it


God that looks like it hurts. I can’t imagine she was doing the dive in slow motion either.

I rewound that about 40 times on TV and watched it in slo mo

that had to hurt

Damn, that really sucks!!!



I wonder if they had to drain all the AIDs out of the pool?

wow…and that clorean has to feel great too. Remember kids, dont do inverted flips!

damnnnn that sucks

not a video, but a few more pictures…

geez…damnit, i just ate…my stomach felt bad looking at those pics…

luckily her eyes are all OK though…

Is her neck okay :frowning:

I was flipping through the chan’s yesterday and saw this on CBC… I was like HOly balls that’s gotta blow.
[tv announcer voice]
Ohhhhh now thAAT’s gottta Hurt
[/tv announcer voice]

:lol: u puss…im an EMT iv seen hella worse than that…shes lucky she didint go unconcious and drown. I was at a car accedent scene and the guy had his arm ripped in half from his shoulder to his albow down to the bone…it was kinda nasty but cool.

eh she WAS kinda cute?