Sold please Lock

SOLD Please lock Mods

tanks mon

whats the condition?

im interested


fairly good except one has a little burn hole in it, but really good seats and espeacially for the price cant beat it

buy em greg

haha ill trade you for a mazda 929


ed yah let’s go halfers on these bad boyz.

Hey stars new price $175 each seat or if you call now get two thats right two for the low low price of $349.99 we pay the tax, why? because I’m crazy and broke.

here they are :

The damage:

They could use a cleaning,
Call me now! (416)726-2701 -Sam

i have 275 in my pocket right now.

ill coem get them any time.


thats awsome if you find $50 in your other pocket come on down!!!

My friend has this seat, his kinda a big guy so his shoulders are a little wide for it, It fits me perfect but the seat is pretty rough when you drive for long time and if you have big thighs watch out! Anyways I liked it holds me in nice.

HEY GUYS>>>> SAM BOUGHT THESE OFF ME TODAY FOR A REALLY LOW PRICE OF $100 for both…and lied about puttin them in his car…thats why I gave him dibs on them…

If i knew he was gonna resell them I would have given them to someone who would have actually used them

anyways for all you buyers out there… dont pay him more than $125.00 CDN for the pair

cause he’s still makin money on them

i’ll give you 200 for both



ill give you a kick in the ass.


these seats sell for $299.99 USD on their site…

so 599.98 + 89.99 GST/PST = 689.97 for TWO!

hes asking $350 for TWO!.. save $339.97…


Their WORTH! $350… to say their not because someone only bought them for $100 is compelte BS… Some of us find parts in a junkyard for next to nothing but will turn around and sell them for 2-3x the amount… ITS DONE ALL THE TIME!

(example) I got a set of z32 Calipers in mint shape for $75.00… well i’d be a friggin idiot to sell them for $75.00 regardless of what I paid because what THIER WORTH is a totally different story

Hey I did’nt notice the seat happy240 had for sale I want that seat so somone come an get em

416 726 2701

i like my offer of 275 even more now.

i got it RIGHT NOW


ill give you 275.50 and pick them up today pm sent


sold lock her up