Well i sold my GN…to my father. I have no time or money and have lost all interest in it since its been sitting for 2 years. I gave him my champion heads and manifold, and all the other shit i bought while its been sitting. He can get it together and i believe he will sell it when its all said and done. It will be a low 11 sec car with all the parts i have for it, new motor and tranny to boot. Im buying a bike, something new to do. Eventually ill get another GN already built for 10’s, when i can afford it.

I never thought id get rid of it, as ive had it for almost 8 years now.

ohh well…

Congrats man, seems to me your dad is gonna have a damn nice stable when he’s done :cool:

What bike are you looking at?

hes not gunna keep it i dont think

8 years is a long time man… Sorry to hear it go.

Christ… I never thought I’d see that car sold.

Good luck with the bike…

its all good guys, ill have another one soon enough…thanks

you suck, I never saw it, i like GNs

:word: you do in fact suck

It was just a myth the whole time wasn’t it?


Thats cool. If your looking for an imported bike let me know I have a couple connections.

GN-less BuickGN :gotme:

:tup: to being able to let go.


We can call him


lol no myth.

i got a line on a bike, but thanks man!!!

Giving him your Username and Password for NYSpeed, too? I think it should go with the car. :slight_smile: