Some of the Toys

Well I had to take my camera home to take some pictures for my mom and before i went riding i decided to take some pics of the bikes laying around. Then I went riding. im working on having a brother take some action shots next time they are home.
Riding was soo much fun.


i want a bike :frowning:

Dude that bike is sick!!! You should come out with us when we ride this year.

which bike, there are 6 different ones. but you are proboly talking about the race bikes, which are naturally only for racing. But ill come out and practice somewhere.

Ya I liked the race bikes…i only clicked the first one b/c i am at work. but all look sick now i looked at them

i like the 2 RMZ 450’s.

me 2

dont you have 2?

yours is the 250 with yellow backgrounds correct? the rest are your brothers?

NO that one is my little brothers. I ride either a 250F or 450F. I ride the 250F the most because i enjoy it more.

i thought you rode b class. those bikes have the wrong color backgrounds for b class.

yeah i was just making a funnie!

speaking of which i’m off to finish the CR parts came in today WOOT

i do ride b class but i dont give a shit what color my backgrounds are. ive only had yellow backrounds once. i dont like the way the look with the new suzuki yellow plastic.