SR20DET Exhaust

I’m having a new exhaust system made tomorrow so wondering if anyone wants what is on the car now. This is a complete system from the turbo elbow back.


  • Custom 3" Mandrel Downpipe with Y-Pipe cutout welded in (has O2 bung on it for Wideband) and flexpipe.
  • 3" High-Flow Cat.
  • 3" Custom Mandrel Cat-back piping to a Apexi N1 w/ Silencer


  • This sytem is old so not in mint shape
  • The Y-pipe for the cutout will not have a blocking plate.
  • The N1 has rusted out along one weld around the canister. Suprising really cause it’s still looks good. You could probably weld it up no problem


dano please post up a price…

even if its just an approx number



Yeah sorry dude - how are these for prices - hahaha

Downpipe with Cutout = $20
Cat and Catback and Apexi N1 = $20

These are non-negotiable - haha

ill take it for my brothers car
keep it for me

Okay Farms - Now how the hell am I gonna get it up there?

ill bring the truck down and pick it up, letme know when its off and ill get it