SSC Tuatara (AKA Ultimate Aero II)

Looks 1,000,000 times better than their last car. The pronunciation of the name will mess with people too:

LEX LUTHOR LIVES!!! nice car to. lol

Look forward to seeing more detailed photos…

So they combined a Vector with a Konigegsegegegegegegegeg. They went from kit car, to styling ripoff. Woooooo. Still don’t care.

hypercar. 1350hp twin turbo v8, carbon fiber body, structure and wheels. Sounds like its ganna be a rocket. Wonder how many will be made?

car looks cool

guy looks like a doucher, and talks like a grade 3 reading out of a textbook

I like the looks… the “ball sack” not so much…

that video sucked and the music was even worse, but i learned about lizards.

somehow it hurts my eyes to

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actually, I couldn’t drive that

I think it looks bad ass and I’d love to see this in person.

Totally forgot about this thing. Definitely a car for bald guys:

At least they learned to just show the car instead of having the super uncomfortable on camera bald guy talk for this video.

This is pretty damn sweet. Is that a shock/coilover attached to the engine?

Ooooof. Car hauler carrying the SSC Tuatara heading to attempt a 300mph run ends up overturning with the SSC Tuatara inside due to high winds.

More like SSC Tautotaled, amiright? :woozy_face:

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