Supercharger kit options for Mercury Marauder

My buddy has a 2004 Marauder (4.6l) and wants to go FI. I know there are come mustang guys around here, so give me the run down for options. He was looking at Trilogy Motorsports kit and sent me the PDF for the install and parts list. Looks very well thoughout and has everything you need. Runs 9.5lbs and the fueling is a inline pump I think and injectors. Tune is via a flash loader and their software.

He is looking for a complete kit with software coming in at or under $6k. He isnt looking for crazy power, and it isnt a DD for him just a project and fun car.

What do you think?

Your buddy needs to talk to the guy from Scotia with a supercharged Marauder.
He goes to LVD on Wednesdays.

if that 6k is with the install/dyno time and tune then fuck yeah sounds like a deal… what kind of blower?

cheaper more kits out there tell him to look at johnny lightning ,com they should have more kits or go look at some marauder forums they have been doin them for awhile

The guy in scotia is it a black one? I think it is the one my uncel was telling me about, I guess he knows the guy. I believe he said it was tuned and built up at the fast ford garage right by englishtown?

No 6K didnt include install, we will be doing the install, and no tuning… just a “flash and blow”.

He was looking around the forums today and will elt me know what he comes up with and ill post for you opinions. And I will have him check out eh jonny lightning stuff.

What about going OEM? Maybe finding cobra manifold & charger and supporting pieces. The going with an aftermarket software tune?

the stock stuff will work its just finding it that will be a prob as im sure ford will want a arm and leg for it but ya will need it all charger/fuel lines and rails injectors and im sure theres more just cant think right now oh and the tune

The one in Scotia is black or dark purple (cant tell the difference) with ghost flames. I know that Dennis Francis did some work to it (maybe all?) because its got his sticker on the back.

The owner is an older guy- late 50’s-mid '60’s.

i didnt realize they came any other color than black
thats all ive ever seen.
unless its custom painted

they came in other colors… but only dark colors. Just like the 94-96 Impala SS

He’s a liar. They came in a silver color too.

Yup black, silver and a maroon red color.

Yeah, but anyone who gets them in anything but black is an asshole.

That’s like repainting a GNX in red . . . what the fuck, over?

::slight_smile: captain originality.

There are some things you just don’t question - Black hot rods, your girlfriend’s sexual history and the baby Jesus.