TEIN suspension v. HELP


Is there anyone on here that works with them (that could call for me or give me a # to call them)… I need to buy ONE coilover …long story

I cant find anything on ebay or anything … I called someone over the weekend and got a price that was about $75 less then a full set of 4




doubtful… the JDM’s are super inflexible on that shit.


I have replaced PARTS on coilovers before. Are you missing the whole unit, or is it just damaged?


Yea, whats the issue…

I had to cut a stuck sprint perch off my coilovers last fall…



thick chisel + BFH + Vice.

you nigga’s ain’t even seen seized coilovers.


I used a cutoff wheel to put several scores in the perch… then used a dead blow hammer to wack the perch into several large pieces


Tein will sell you any nut, bolt, screw you need. You can buy one coilover or just the spring. Tein is crazy crazy crazy everything must gO!!!

Seriously though, I used to be a Tein factory service center when Hybrid was open. I have a tech book with every part number they have. All you need to do is contact a Tein factory distributor for info. and they can help you out.

PM’d for more info.


I need the whole front pass side unit (coilover) … it was stolen …yes the stole just one of them

Ill have the correct modle #'s on friday when I get the car

the place I called was not "Tein factory service center "


lol in a fucked up kinda way. GL with getting a new one.


eh I know


Why one earth…never mind… good luck, it seems Don has saved the day! :tup:


Bump, kinda related. Fun to watch: